In the past of Pocket Square

Pocket square is a small piece of square fabric, after folding into the suit jacket chest pocket. Pocket square is essential for men's suits an accessories. A carefully selected, washed, ironing, folding a good pocket pocket square,highlight your taste and identity, and help you create a dress is the most elegant dress in the corner

In the old days, people often wear perfume on the handkerchief, and to cover up the nose, to avoid inhalation of the streets of smoke and dust. With the passage of time, and all other fast moving consumer goods, the birth of the towel completely replaced the functionality of the handkerchief, its decorative in a very long time seems to be only for the woman, the old film that dignified and beautiful lady will In the chest with a fresh and elegant handkerchief.

Today, when the women have little thought and patience to play with a handkerchief, the man's pocket square is more new and unique, color and design after another, the style is to meet the needs of a variety of occasions, or the traditional gentleman or young fancy , Suit left chest pocket has become the men's decorative space, a small corner reflects the man's taste and fun. Basic materialThe traditional pocket square is usually white, made of fine flax or cotton cloth. Now the pocket square can be any color and material, no longer as in the past must be solemnly to use white cotton texture. In fact, many of the upstart after 80 like to break the conventional way of dressing, pocket square may no longer match with suit, even if a cool full of jackets can also match the color of the pocket square, which in the past two years Prada Men Show the field there are many ready-made reference template. But in the more formal occasions, you should use silk or wool material, and must match with tie. As in the Harvard and Yale classmates, you will see the pure silk pocket square, placed in the past, present and future big man's chest pocket, showing a unique taste and style.

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