Tie City Of China Shengzhou

The tie City of China is located in the urban area southeast, on the three highways intersection. Formerly known as Zhejiang East clothing city.

In January 1992, the government put forward the idea of "building a market and promoting an industry" to develop the economy of Shengzhou. Designed by the Zhejiang Provincial Architectural Design Institute, Zhejiang Shengzhou Dongpu Construction Engineering Company was built in December, opening  on the 18th of the same month. It covers an area of 35,000 square meters, with a building area of 26,000 square meters and a parking lot of 5,000 square meters. It is equipped with catering, accommodation, banking, post and telecommunications, passenger transportation, security, entertainment and other service institutions and facilities. In the Opening month, 742 factories into the city, The clothing industry has 447 , The Necktie industry has 8.

The early 90s of the 20th century, Shengzhou garment industry in the dominant state-owned, collective and other large and medium-sized enterprises are export-oriented economy window business, the main business is to accept orders, external processing and production, to sell production, export Clothing accounted for 90%, many enterprise products do not need to sell through the local market. Clothing City opened the following year, the market was light situation, only the 8 neckties factories in the clothing city of business very well.the  government make the best use of market functions for re-positioning.

In 1993,to determine besiness at the first floor , factories set up the second floor, nurturing the professional development of the Necktie Market. in October at the same year, Zhejiang eastern clothing city changed its name to Zhejiang eastern tie clothing city. In April 1995, Zhejiang eastern tie clothing city changed its name to China tie City, to become the necktie for the development of the industry to share the requirements of the professional market. the Next year, they sales of 520 million yuan, accounting 45% of total sales ties for the same year.

The marketing of the Corporation's publicity, cultivation and management, tie sales environment optimization, sales performance and service level, in 1996 by the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau as the provincial standardized market. In 1997, the China tie city  turnover of 1.2 billion yuan, the Chinese market research will be rated as first-class market performance. In 1998,there are more than 3,800 markets at the province, Zhejiang ranked 20 key markets in the fourth. In January 1999, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau identified as "three-star civilized norms of the market." That year, the market turnover of 1.5 billion yuan, tripling over 1993. In December, China Tie City second phase of the world tie boutique exhibition center to start. November 2000 completion of the opening. A total investment of 3200 million yuan, construction area of 15,600 square meters. On the first floor for the tie boutique exhibition sales trading area, there are 32 tie enterprises set up booths, booth 46; the second floor for the tie exhibition hall; third floor to set up a museum tie, the National Quality Testing Center and tie China online international Internet site; Floor, fifth floor, respectively, the China Garment Association Professional Committee of the Secretariat, Tie Association and the Market Development Corporation. Become an international and domestic tie apparel industry festivals, business activities center, the International Tie Fairs and China Tie Festival main event venues.

China Tie City mainly sells all kinds of yarn-dyed, printed tie, bow tie, collar flower and silk, wool scarf and other products with silk, imitation silk and polyester yarn as raw materials. Relying on the local industrial advantages, from the opening to 2002, a total of more than 50,000 varieties of tie color, the products in addition to the domestic market accounted for a large share, exported to the United States, Japan, Australia, Russia, Belgium, France, more than 80 countries And regions. With a high grade, new style, the price of inexpensive, daily turnover of up to 300,000 sales advantages, a tie at home and abroad boutique, wholesale sales, display, testing, fashion trends release center, the major shopping malls and major wholesale markets Tie counter and tie business operators at home and export the source and tailored tie processing base and contact window. In 2002, the franchise 400 tie, the annual turnover of 1.67 billion yuan, the market profits of more than 1,500 yuan, becoming one of the top ten professional market.



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